Cemetery memorial inspection

An inspection of all memorials at the Cemetery and Churchyard at St Andrew’s Church in West Dean will take place week beginning Monday 13 May 2024. This is part of the Parish Council’s ongoing safety programme.

Any memorial that has not met the health and safety requirements will be provided with a notice and temporary support. The Parish Council will undertake works to make any memorial safe and will try to contract the holders of exclusive right of burial if records exist.

For your own safety, and that of all visitors to the cemetery, please do not attempt to test memorials yourself. Any work to repair memorials must be undertaken by a qualified monumental mason.

We appreciate your assistance and co-operation in ensuring the cemetery is a safe place for everyone to visit. The Council’s memorial inspection policy can be found below.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a memorial, or this notice, please contact West Dean Parish Council on 07596 884847 or westdeanpc@yahoo.com

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